• What is Tomosta?

    Tomosta LLC offers various learning opportunities to which all people can have access easily.

    “To create opportunities where friends get together and study together, anytime and anywhere" is our company's mission.


    We help you to develop educational/learning contents for students and new recruits.

    Those contents include, for example, online workshops, training programs, and textbooks.

    All those contents are designed to meet the requirements of learners at all levels. We also create and sell our own digital contents.

    Digital Educational/Learning Contents

    We develop and offer digital educational/learning contents to help your learning anytime and anywhere.



    Other Media

    We publish books and write articles for digital media.

    Training Programs



    We plan and run in-house training programs, host workshops, and join events as professional speakers.

  • Makoto Taniguchi

    CEO of Tomosta LLC, CEO of H2O space. Co., Ltd.


    Taniguchi is the founder of H2O space, a company specializing in web development. He started learning programming when he was at primary school.


    The company offers digital educational/learning contents, publications, and workshops, mainly designed for programmers in the web industry.

    Now he focuses on creating digital educational/learning contents available through Udemy, an online learning platform.

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    Please contact us on this form below if you have inquiries in the fields of editing books,

    developing digital contents, and planning/running workshops.

    4-17-15 Chitosedai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
    10 AM to 5 PM (JST, unavailable on weekends and public holidays)
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